The Dragons' Japan Tour 2011

Karateka from Whitchurch and other IJKA England dojos were given the opportunity of touring Japan with Kato Shihan acting as guide and mentor, a trip of a lifetime for dedicated martial artists.
Members of the Whitchurch Honbu Dojo who regularly train with Kato Shihan when he is at home all have Dragon nicknames and hence ‘The Dragons Tour’ was born. Karateka from other IJKA England dojos chose their own Dragon names.

The Dragons
Kato Shihan ~ Guinness Dragon ~ 9th Dan
Peter Custance ~ Welsh Dragon ~ 6th dan
Jonathan Lyons ~ Dragon Doctor ~ 5th Dan
John Fallows ~ Old Dragon ~ 5th Dan
Sharad Karia ~ Oriental Dragon ~ 4th Dan
David Sanderson ~ Little Dragon ~ 4th Dan
Alan Stanley ~ McStanley Dragon ~ 4th Dan
Mark Watts ~ Big Dragon ~ 4th Dan
Steve Cameron ~ Windy Dragon ~ 3rd Dan

Flight of the Dragons
On 21st September the Dragons flew from Manchester and Heathrow airports rendezvousing at Schipol airport, Amsterdam for flight KL867 to Kansai Airport, Osaka (Honshu Island), Japan.
Taking in much of Southern Japan’s scenery and tourist sights along the way, the tour continued through Kyushu and Shikoku Islands before heading back to Honshu Island for the return flight 16 days and 2075 miles (3340Km) later.

Follow the Dragons trail and walk 'In the Footsteps of Dragons'

Sadashige Kato Shihan, IJKA Karate, Japan Tour 2011

For photographs of the Dragons Japan Tour 2011 please visit the IJKA Photo Gallery