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Kato Shihan holds coaching seminars throughout the year at IJKA dojos located in the UK, Europe and, also worldwide. The seminars are also open to Karateka from other associations.

Interested in attending one of the listed seminars?

  • To obtain further information on a particular seminar please use one of the following two options ~
    1. Where seminar information is available as a pdf file, click the link to download this to your PC.
    2. Where no seminar information link is shown in the list below, contact the IJKA organiser via the IJKA dojo or country link in the seminar listing (where shown) or via the relevant IJKA Worldwide page.
  • IJKA Dojo TBA = IJKA Dojo To Be Arranged
  • IMPORTANT: The seminar dates can change. Please visit this page regularly for all the latest updates.
Kato Shihan, IJKA Honbu Dojo
IJKA Honbu Dojo
Whitchuch 2009
IJKA Karate, Stornoway
Isle of Lewis
Outer Hebrides 2009
IJKA Karate, Clonea Strand, Ireland
Clonea Strand
Ireland 2002
Kato Shihan, IJKA Karate, in Nassau, Bahamas
Bahamas 2008
Kato Shihan, IJKA Karate, in Cork, Southern Ireland
Mardyke Arena
Ireland 2003


The Summer Camp and Instructors Course in Hungaryhas been posted on the Noticeboard
Also visit the IJKA facebook page for the latest association news and seminar details posted by Kato Shihan.

Further details of up coming events will be published on the Noticeboard check back regularly for updates.

Do you have seminar information that needs to be seen by the worldwide IJKA community?
Send your seminar documents to the to get them uploaded to the IJKA website.
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IJKA Honbu Dojo Seminars

Kato Shihan, IJKA Honbu Dojo, Whitchurch, Shropshire

These are held in Kato Shihan’s home town of Whitchurch, Shropshire, England, on various weekends throughout the year. The seminars are primarily aimed at Black and Brown belt karateka although junior grades are always welcomed.
• The seminar calendar
A typical seminar weekend comprises ~

Morning seminar ~ 10am - 1pm
Afternoon seminar ~ 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Evening ~ Dinner at a venue chosen by Kato Shihan

Morning seminar ~ 10am - 1pm
Gradings 1pm
Lunch ~ The Raven PH, Whitchurch.

Seminar content varies on every course, covering all aspects of Shotokan delivered with Kato Shihan’s unique style of teaching.

The course fee covers all training and meals.

Accommodation can be found at local B&B establishments or you can stay at Kato Shihan’s house at no extra cost and, partake in the true Japanese experience with other IJKA karateka.

IJKA karate tours
In addition to the annual seminar calendar, Kato Shihan sometimes organises trips to Japan for a limited number of IJKA karateka.
'The Dragons' Japan Tour', the most recent Japanese trip, took place in 2011 and Kato Shihan was the tour guide and mentor to the karateka given the privilege of being chosen for the trip. 
A full story of this particular tour can be found via the Dragon link below:

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IJKA  Referees and Judges

Referee Committee

President ~ Shihan Kato
Chairman/Chief Referee ~ Sensei Tamas Molnar, Hungary.
Secretary ~ Sensei Brian Toomey, Ireland.
Committee ~  
Sensei Okazaki, Japan.
Sensei Bruno Koller, Switzerland.
Sensei Gorgen Sokare, Sweden
Sensei Jan Spatzek, Denmark.


Sensei Andrei Dormenko, Russia
Sensei Anil Patil, India
Sensei Anton Vandev, Bulgaria
Sensei Danko Gligorski, Macedonia
Sensei Futoshi Mitani, Japan
Sensei Gábor Macsar, Hungary
Sensei Giorgio Bortolin, Italy   
Sensei Gligor Gligorski, Macedonia
Sensei Ivaylo Pantchev, Israel
Sensei Kaido Ratsepp, Estonia
Sensei Keith Crighton, Scotland
Sensei Latchezar Nenov, Bulgaria
Sensei P.J. Moloney, Ireland
Sensei Sergei Vlasov, Bulgaria
Sensei Shiniti Kataoka, Japan


Balázs Herczeg, Hungary
Emil Dimitrov, Bulgaria
Inva Ivanova, Bulgaria
Jena Slavova, Bulgaria
Karin Sokare, Sweden
Kostadin Chepandov, Bulgaria
Petrov Dunail, Bulgaria
Resmui Bobev, Bulgaria
Svetla Kostova, Bulgaria
Tamás Vitkó, Hungary
Tony Power, Ireland
Tsvetomin Gospodina, Bulgaria
Vladmir Vetev, Bulgaria

N.B. The above lists are made up of Referees and judges who have sat and passed IJKA examinations. There are many other competent and qualified referees and judges in the organisation.