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Videos of Shotokan, Kato Ryu and Asai Ryu kata plus Kato Shihan seminars can be found via the photo links below.

Shotokan Kata
These are the kata that were chosen or developed for Shotokan Karate by its founder Gichin Funakoshi.

Asai-Ryu Kata
Shotokan karate founded by Gichin Funakoshi is an evolving martial art and, was developed further and improved by his successor Masatoshi Nakayama.
Likewise, the late Tetsuhiko Asai Shihan dedicated his life to studying and developing Shotokan karate further. He developed new kata which have been given the title ‘Asai-Ryu kata' forming a living legacy to one of Shotokan's true pioneers.

Kato-Ryu Kata
Kato Shihan has also dedicated his life to studying and developing Shotokan karate further and has developed new kata for the IJKA that have been given the title ‘Kato-Ryu kata'.

Gichin Funakoshi, Shotokan founder
Shotokan Kata

Kato Ryu Kata

Sadashige Kato Shihan, IJKA Karate Seminars
Kato Shihan Seminars


Asai Shihan, Late World Chief Instructor IJKA
Asai Ryu Kata

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