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IJKA member countries photograph collections ~

Seminar with Hanshi Sadashige Kato, June 2012, Dojo Bukonkan, Neuenkirchen, Germany

Do you have photograpghs for inclusion on the website?
With your help ‘The IJKA Photo Gallery’ can be improved and expanded. You can submit either photographs or a link to an existing collection your country has already uploaded to the world wide web (i.e. Seminar, Dojo Bukonkan).

Photographs submitted should have a maximum width (W) of 600 pixels and, a file size of between 40-75kb. We would therefore be grateful if you can resize all photographs before submission.

Please send photograhs or links to the

How do I resize photographs?

Software supplied with most digital cameras or scanners enables photograph size (WxH) to be edited, which will also reduce the file size but not the quality.

Example: Within Canon scanner software this function is Image Size in the dropdown menu under Edit in the top toolbar.

You can also download the free image and photo editing software Paint.NET for Windows from http://www.getpaint.net

Your assistance will greatly reduce the work required to upload photographs to ‘The IJKA Photo Gallery’.