Asai Shihan (1935 - 2006) - 'The Thunderous Storm'

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• Tetsuhiku Asai Shihan


Asai Shihan, Late World Chief Instructor for IJKA is profiled below.

Tetsuhiko Asai Shihan (1935 - 2006)

Asai Shihan, Late World Chief Instructor IJKAGichin Funakoshi had chosen Master Nakayama as his successor as head of the JKA. At the time of Master Nakayama's death in 1987 (Asai Shihan was then Technical Director of the JKA) and, with no chosen successor, in-fighting within the JKA after his passing, eventually caused the organisation to split in two with Asai Shihan leading one group. Asai's faction of the JKA was officially disbanded in March 2000 by the Shihan-Kai and Asai Shihan formed a new association, Budo Corporation Japan Karate Shotokai (JKS) and became World Chief Instructor to both the new JKS and Kato Shihan's IJKA.

Asai Shihan dedicated his life to studying and developing his karate, pioneering new techniques and ideas, earning the title ‘The Thunderous Storm'. He knew 136 Kata (forms) many of which he developed himself and the efficiency of his unique style can be attributed to the constant endeavour to make his body as supple as a willow tree.

The karate legacy left by Asai Shihan flourishes within Kato Shihan's IJKA.